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Archery: Think and Shoot Like a Champion
By Terry Wunderle

Click Here to go to the Wunderle Archery website to buy the book.

Archery: Think and Shoot Like a Champion is a composite
and blend of hundreds of articles that have been published
over the past 30 years. Designed as an educational and
instructional manual, this book teaches 3-D, target, field archers,
as well as hunters, how to overcome the mental and physical
obstacles encountered when striving to become champions
in their sport. Basic concepts are reinforced throughout the
text so that articles may be read in order or used selectively
as references. Author Terry Wunderle, better known as “The
Archery Shot Doctor,” is one of the most successful professional
archery coaches in the world. He has coached students to over
350 national and world titles, while watching them set over 450
national and world records. Terry conducts archery schools across
the United States, helping students to overcome problems and
achieve their goals. By sharing his methods and concepts in this book,
he teaches archers how to experience greater success.

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